• BRONCHO CLEAN+ improves the respiratory system, it helps to cleanse and purify the bronchial tubes, to obtain pink and mucus free throats, chalk-white noses and dry eyes. In short, the product to keep the respiratory system clean and healthy! BRONCHO CLEAN+ contains aromatic substances (herbs) with an excellent e­ffect on the respiratory system and an...

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  • YELLOW LIQUID is a unique composition of plants and essential oils. It works on the resistance improving the pigeons immune and defence system and is used by successful pigeon fanciers in problems with “TRICHO” and supports the respiratory and digestive system. Unlike a medicine no resistance or side effects can develop as a result of using YELLOW LIQUID

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  • Peppermint oil is a sharp, very fresh and minty fragrance and has a cooling and refreshing effect. The substance menthol is mainly responsible for this. Menthol belongs to a group of substances monoterpenols that helps the body to expel bacteria and even viruses.

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