• MUSCLE BUILDING is an effective supplement that enhances and strengthens the muscles and improves the speed, endurance of the pigeons during intensive flying periods. MUSCLE BUILDING contains the necessary proteins and minerals to effectively reduce lactic acid in the muscles. The antioxidants are vitamin A and vitamin E, which are indispensable to avoid...

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  • The ingredients of ENERGY BOOSTER+ emphasizes the pigeons’ performance and defence. Its patented structure guarantees a higher amino acid absorption than any other food product. Therefore, ENERGY BOOSTER+ is ideal for pigeons that need more of these amino acids than they usually absorb from the feed.

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  • This optimal form of the omega fatty acids gives the pigeon more energy, it is important that there will be longer energy available and that acidification of the muscles and organs will occur sooner or later. ALL-IN OIL strengthens the immune system and resistance of the pigeon and contributes to a shiny plumage.

    17,95 €
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